Irrfan Khan Actor life Story

Irrfan Khan Actor life Story

Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan, also popularly an Indian actor, famous for his work predominantly in Hindi cinema, as well as his works in British movies and Hollywood. He was born into a Muslim Nawab household. He had been studying to get his M.A. level When he got a scholarship to study in the National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi in 1984.


After graduating in 1987, Khan moved to Mumbai, Where he acted in numerous television serials like’Chanakya’,’Sara Jahan Hamara’,’Banegi Apni Baat’ and’Chandrakanta’ (Doordarshan) and’Star. He was the primary villain in a series called Darr Opposite Kay Kay Menon. Kahkashan produced by Ali Sardar Jafri.

He acted in some of the episodes of Star Bestsellers (aired on Star-Plus). In one of those episodes, his function was of a Shopkeeper that has a misconception that his spouse’s wife was trying to him. In the other one, he played the role of an Office-accountant who, afterward been insulted by his lady-boss, took revenge by making her mad. He also appeared in a serial called Bhanvar (aired on SET India) in two episodes. In 1 episode, he performed the role of a thug who Somehow landed in a court, where he introduced himself as a lawyer.

Theatre and television kept him afloat until Mira Nair provided him a cameo in Salaam Bombay (1988) however his role was Edited out in the last movie. From the 1990s, he looked in the critically Other films which went unnoticed.

After many unsuccessful movies, things changed When London-based manager Asif Kapadia gave him the lead in The Warrior, a Historical film completed in 11 weeks on the natives in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. In 2001, The Warrior stormed in international film festivals, making Irrfan Khan a famous face, world over.

Writer-director, Asvin Kumar’s short film, Road to Ladakh. Following the film Received excellent reviews at international festivals, the film was made to a full Length feature, again starring Irrfan Khan. That same year he played the title Function in the critically acclaimed Maqbool, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

His first Bollywood main lead role came in 2005 With the film Rog. Thereafter, he appeared in Many movies either playing the In 2004, he won the Filmfare Best Villain Award for his character in the film Haasil.

In 2007, he seemed at the box office hits Metro, for which he received a Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, and The Namesake, which was a hit overseas. They have been closely followed by his Appearance in the worldwide films A Mighty Heart and The Darjeeling Limited.

Even after getting an effective actress in Bollywood, He has not severed his ties with television. He used to anchor a show’Mano Ya He’d hosted another programme known as”Kya Kahen” which was on the lines of Mano Ya Na Mano predicated on

In 2008, he included as a narrator in an Arts Alliance production, identification – Identity of the Soul. The actors toured Globally, in which tens of thousands turned out to observe the event as it toured the West Bank. He also played with the police inspector in the 2008 movie Slumdog Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Global Recognition

His international fame came after he Portrayed the role of a Non Resident Bengali Professor in the USA at the direct Part of the English movie The Namesake led by Mira Nair. This movie was Critically acclaimed by each major US newspaper. Following This film, he had been A recognizable celebrity abroad. In fact, Khan was unknown there before this movie Left him a household name in India.

Personal Life

Khan is married to writer Sutapa Sikdar who is Also an NSD graduate and they have a boy named Babil. Announced via a Twitter post he is suffering from neuroendocrine tumour. He also said that he will be travelling abroad for his treatment.

Irrfan Khan Quotes

  • Zindagi mein kuch bhi hone se pehle, imaandar hone bahut zaroori hai!
  • People like to see my work, not my face!
  • Izzat aur zillat aap ke haath mein nahin hai!
  • A nation needs to know how to utilise talent.
  • A film engages you emotionally and intellectually.
  • I will only do a Hollywood film when there is something special offered to me.
  • Parsi theater was known for melodrama.
  • We don’t have a culture of realistic acting in India.
  • I cannot live anywhere else except India.
  • I’m trying to strike a balance between Bollywood and Hollywood.
  • I am not ready to fit into the mould of commercial cinema.
  • Our Bollywood stars who talk of being part of 100 crore films, I think I belong to the 1,000 crore club
  • Cinema is changing every week, and multiplex audiences are demanding every week
  • I can recite poetry, but I cannot write it
  • I want to entertain people, but with some substance.
  • You cannot reduce the power of story with the tag of money because it’s not a share market. So you must know the seriousness of the power of storytelling
  • In India, therapy is not part of the culture; it has not become such a big need.
  • It surely gives you a high to be an international actor with quality work.
  • It’s always an inner wish of every actor to reach out to maximum audiences.
  • Language does not make one an elite.
  • I can’t think of a more pathetic situation for an actor than to do a film and not connect to it. And I pray to God that I never face that situation.